Fairs & Festivals

Doc Magic offers his own dynamic sound system and bright LED stage lights, as well as a self-contained stage. He requires a 30 amp connection, a water hookup (for multi-day events), as well as a 110v electrical outlet within 100 feet of the show area. He can also provide proper sound connections to perform on your stage somewhere on the grounds of your event.

Doc’s stage area includes a ~ 30 foot backdrop with eye catching graphics, 13 foot feather flags, and a brighly colored barrier fence to create an impressive impact on your grounds. It can be set up on blacktop if needed, and can fit into a 40 ft by 30 ft footprint!

Available Programs

Fun Time Variety Show

The Doc Magic Show is a mix of fantastic magic, balloon shenanigans, and engaging comedy. It’s jam packed with audience participation and just plain ole’ FUN! Doc is lovably antagonistic, and takes his love of magic and old-time vaudeville to bring delight to children of all ages. Children love to call Doc out on his shenanigans almost as much as he loves to surprise and delight audiences with the wonder of magic. Your patrons will want to see his show again and again to see what might happen next!

There are a rotating set of shows that Dewayne can present each day, and versions of this show are mobile and can be performed in the open as a part of a strolling act.


Fabulous balloon art by an engaging entertainer: it’s just what a great fair or festival needs! Doc has been delighting crowds for years! Not only are his balloon creations amazing, not only is he a delight to see working, but he also creates fun lasting memories that will have people talking about how great your event is!

Doc works from a rolling cart to increase mobility, and uses his nearly twenty years of experience working table to table in restaurants to entertain groups at a time while avoiding forming a line. He can also provide a creative portable platform that elevates him above patrons so that he is easily accessible and visible from distances afar! It’s a FUN mini show on the go!